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5 – 6 • D E C E M B E R • 2 0 1 7 M A D R I D


Manufacturers, startups, and tech providers leading Industry 4.0
with big data and analytics, automation, robotics, 3d printing and augmented reality technologies.


EXPLORE 50 highly promising early-stage startups shaping Industry 4.0.

MEET with the right tech founders and innovation executives with Pioneers matchmaking.

LEARN with practical workshops on automation, cloud computing, cyber-physical systems, and future trends to stay ahead in your sector.

GET ANSWERS to your questions on technology trends from the innovative teams developing these technologies.


Monday • Dec 6th

Informal dinner and a fun activity where tech founders,
investors, innovation executives, and manufacturing experts
can get to know each other.


Tuesday • Dec 7th

Full day of interactive networking, hands-on workshops,
insightful keynotes, private meetings and
presentations by hand-picked startups.


Digital is the main reason just over half
of the companies on the Fortune 500
have disappeared since the year 2000.

—— Pierre Nanterme [CEO Accenture]


Rodney Brooks


Melonee Wise

Fetch Robotics

Eben Upton


Easton LaChappelle

Unlimited Tomorrow

Steve Cousins


Till Reuter


David Lakatos



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We make time-of-flight sensors, 3D cameras, and multi-technology sensors aimed at solving most of the IoT, Industry 4.0 and robotics/drone navigation issues. We make new eyes for robots, and also the brain to use those eyes at best. We understand well drones and operations, and this is our driver for developing software and sensors to ensure safety and navigation. By the way, our products are branded 'CERN technology'.

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Paptic Ltd

PAPTIC is a novel wood-fibre material combining recyclability and renewability of paper with resource efficiency and usability of plastics. In short lifecycle products, plastic bags, renewable material innovations are desperately needed. PAPTIC is strong, stylish and reusable bag.

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Erle Robotics

We make Linux based artificial machines and robots with different components to accomplish different missions through autonomous behaviours.

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tacterion GmbH

tacterion is a high-tech hardware company based in Munich/Germany. tacterion's unique tactile sensor modules enable product engineers and interface designers to offer their customers a more natural user experience than ever before - driven by haptics. By using our product 'Sensor Skin' devices and equipment become intelligent since the analysis of how they are being touched and grasped leads to a more direct and intuitive interaction. What makes our approach unique is that 'Sensor Skin' is completely flexible and stretchable, it is at the same time sensitive and robust. This means that we make surfaces sensitive where no tactile sensors could be used before. As a B2B provider we deliver the hardware modules (sensor and electronics) that are integrated into customers products and devices (design-in) as well as software and tactile data management.

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Visual positioning systems (visual SLAM) for AR, VR and drones based on novel high-speed, low-power vision sensors.

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Reflow is the community brand that creates high-quality 3D print filament that is affordable, ethical and sustainable. Our 3D print filament is created in developing countries from bottles collected by waste pickers. By selling our product on the international market we make sure waste pickers earn twenty times more from the plastic they collect. We currently have production facilities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Oaxaca, Mexico. Our initial sales push is focused on the 3D printing market in the United States and Europe. The product sales will shift towards local sales as this market grows in developing countries. Within five years we aim to produce filament in ten additional countries where there is a growing 3D printing market and a significant waste picker population. Within ten years we'll have a global community that will be able to produce filament right at the consumer’s doorstep.

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The Løding team has developed a novel membrane platform technology that can be used across different applications. Currently the team is using this technology to work on the alarming trends of hearing damage caused by headphones, an issue which regulatory intuitions are focusing heavily on. It's a membrane that is seamlessly integrated into headphones which in turn increasing ear safety by 15-20% while maintaining 99.7% of the perceptive sound qualities. This adds the value of offsetting damage to your ears without compromising the manufacturing company’s value propositions; namely quality and design.

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ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH

ArtiMinds RPS is redefining the way of robot programming. With the wizard-based software, all robot tasks can be easily programed without specific expert knowledge and without the need of a textual code. Task sequences are composed simply by drag’n’drop of elementary motion types, provided by the software’s library. Besides offline-programming, the software supports online programming and teach-in via teach pendant or by guiding the robot at its wrist to record poses of the robot. Subsequently, the Programming Suite automatically generates a comprehensive program in the native robot programming language. This program is then transferred to the robot controller and can be executed stand-alone. Benefit even more from ArtiMinds RPS in combination with our force module for complex force-controlled movements, addressing variances unleashing new. Core advantages: •Easy Programming •Force module •Skill based •Simulation and CAD •Industrially robust •Affordable

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MUSE Robotics

MUSE is democratizing robotics by enabling small teams of developers to build high performance robots at a faster pace without the need for heavy capital investment. We provide the core building blocks which are common in any robot: the motion control electronics, the power management and standard sensors, all of which are connected together in a Plug&Play manner. On the software side, they provide an open source, user friendly API and support for Robot Operating System (ROS), the most established software platform for robotics. Basically we provide the hardware and the means to control it using a few lines of code.

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The Construct

A web system to do robot simulations using only a web browser. Robot simulations that work off-the-shelf indicated for teaching about robotics. No installation nor maintenance required. Users create simulations/program robots using a web browser. Any computer or device. Everything centralised and accessible from anywhere in the world. Students and teachers can share simulations and collaborate on the same simulations.

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Nova Labs

Time-to-market is a crucial aspect of every hardware company, and even more for robot companies, where development time and costs often prevent products to hit the mass market. Nova Labs solved this problem developing Nova Core, a modular platform consisting in several high-performance hardware modules and software components to satisfy most common robot requirements with a plug-and-play approach. Nova Core relives robot developers from hardware and control problems, assisting them from the prototype to the mass production, allowing to develop an idea into a product in less than a week and at a fraction of the cost.

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Space Products and Innovation UG

Multipurpose Adapter Generic Interface Connector (MA61C) reduces costs and time of satellite manufacturing. MA61C is a universal adapter that connects any sub-system to any spacecraft platform. Once the adapter is connected, it will power up and integrate the subsystem with the onboard computer. MA61C is equipped with pins and connectors currently used in in the satellite manufacturing industry. The MA61C adapter eases the MAIT process and provides a friendly interface directly to the sub-system during assembly and integration of the satellite. MA61C is a universal satellite sub-system adapter that connects any sub-system to any spacecraft onboard computer.

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“If you want to understand the future,
this is stop number one.”

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