We are entrepreneurs ourselves

We are excited to work with the best European early stage startups to build outstanding success together.

How we partner – the process

We want to ease the process of funding your company. These are our guiding principles:

  • We invest in people and are eager to get to know you – that’s why we value a good video pitch as least as much as your profund financial planning.
  • We know how precious your time is, therefore we act really fast – we usually get from first contact to term sheet within a few short weeks.
  • We are honest and transparent – therefore we try to use standardized processes and documents which also helps us (and you) to keep transaction costs low.

We typically transfer money to you based on a convertible loan or direct equity investment where applicable. The convertible loan means that your company technically takes on a loan (debt) from us, but we agree that this loan will be converted into shares (equity) at the next financing round.We have tried to keep the application process very straightforward – here is how it works:


Get in touch

Use the online form to send us brief info about you, your team, your product, and the business opportunity.


Live video pitch

If you catch our  imagination we invite you to do a live video pitch incl. Q&A session – no need to travel at this stage.


Investment proposal

Together we will work on an investment proposal including amount of money to be invested, milestones to be reached and terms of a contract (termsheet).


Deal Execution

After a positive investment committee decision we sign a contract, transfer money and start executing together on the agreed milestones to success.

Send your proposal & Inspire us

Who we are

By combining knowledge and experiences of Pioneers and Speedinvest we can provide you an outstanding global network. That is why we are focusing on exclusive partnerships: Out of thousands of startups that approach Pioneers each year, we choose to work with a select few in order to provide you with the support you deserve:

Klaus Matzka

Philipp Stangl

Markus Lang

Pioneers Ventures Office Vienna
Si Office Silicon Valley
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