What we do & how we do it

We invest up to €125K and offer you full access to our global network.

What we offer

We are not an accelerator program. We strongly believe that ongoing and very specific support will help your company most. This also means that you don’t have to relocate to Vienna (Pioneers Ventures is headquartered here) if you don’t want to. However, you are very welcome to do so, since we believe that Vienna is a very good place to run a startup company! Specific support services are:

Business Development

Privileged access to Pioneers events around the globe to grow your relevant network. We match you with peers, corporate partners and potential clients.

Silicon Valley Insights

Our Silicion Valley Insights tour gives you two weeks of meetings with serial founders and VCs as well as pitches in front of product/market experts.

Learning & Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring sessions with industry experts (physically or online). Pioneers Ventures portfolio day enables high quality peer-to-peer learning.

Financial Support

We fund you with our pre-seed investment of up to €125K and help you raise follow on funding through our global investors network.

The goal really is to achieve product-market-fit, create excellent business development opportunities and grow your relevant network in a very short amount of time. Let’s create outstanding successes together!

Investment focus

Pioneers is a global platform for all technology sectors – from robotics to biotech. Pioneers Ventures acts in a narrower space, focusing on digital only. We invest in early-stage startups – companies that will be able to scale and deliver disruptive innovation with relatively little resources by leveraging the power of technology. We usually prefer B2B models, but innovative and scalable B2C models are welcome too (no me-too’s please). For the moment we focus on digital business models and European startups only, we might consider adding more verticals and geographies in the future.

Areas we focus on

Digitization of industries
Financial tech
IT / Cloud / Big Data
IoE / Hardware / Sensoric
eHealth / Quantified self
Media / Retail / Commerce

Companies we focus on

Early-stage companies, also pre-market entry with prototype
Valuations (usually) below €1m
Significant progress possible with €25k – €125k

Countries we focus on

We focus on European startups as shown on the map.
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